Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dreaming of Fall

This dress called out to me from the clearance rack at Target. It just looks like fall to me! Never mind that it's a summer dress. I can envision it with tall boots and a cardigan. Oh, won't that be nice? Alas, the weather this week is confused. It thinks it's still July; the thermometer climbs to nearly 100° and the South Wind dries everything green to a crispy brown.

Happy news - tonight, a cold front moves in! We should see rain and more seasonable temperatures, altho it still won't be cool enough for boots and a cardigan just yet.

Xhileration dress - Target
Dansko sandals - TradeHome Shoes

Bracelet - Walmart

Earrings - Target

Have you seen the trends for fall fashion? I'm not sure I can jump on the bandwagon of wearing pastels in autumn. It just doesn't seem right to me. Kind of like out-of-season produce. You know how it the middle of December, those red tomatoes in the grocery store look like tomatoes, but they certainly don't taste like tomatoes. Somehow, wearing a pink blouse with sky blue trousers in October strikes the same out-of-season chord with me. I believe I will be un-trendy this season and stick to traditional fall colors like rust, chocolate and olive. 

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