Friday, September 6, 2013

Nothing Fancy

So much for being on a blog roll! I have gotten completely off my normal routine, what with Labor Day and Some Postman having to work only three days this week. We are enjoying the extra time he has at home! Next week, he'll only have Sunday off. I will miss him, but it will be easier for me to get back to my schedule.

This is what I wore a couple of days ago. We went to Town to do a little shopping, visit my grandparents and go out for dinner. Summer is still beating down on us, so my outfit is certainly nothing fancy. Keeping cool and being comfortable is all that matters.

 Merona tee - Target
Gloria Vanderbuilt shorts - thrifted

Birdie socks - Old Navy (I think?)
Dansko tennies - eBay

I'm considering dying these shoes navy blue. They make me think of old nurse's shoes, being white. And it's very difficult to keep them clean. 

In farm-related news, we have acquired two new ducklings! Our neighbor T incubated some of her ducks' eggs, hatching out a dozen cute fuzzy yellow Indian Runner babies. She kindly offered a pair to us. Some Postman gave them their dancing names (all of our ducks are named after dances): Boogie and Woogie. They are hanging out with Foxtrot in her little pen out in the yard while they grow up a bit. At this stage, they would become a tasty snack for the dog or the kitties, so to keep them safe - and alive - it is best to keep them penned up. Foxtrot appreciates the company, and the ducklings seem to like her well enough, too. Tiger the barn cat sits and watches them for hours....

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Grammy Goodwill said...

You do look cool and comfy. My most comfortable pair of shorts cost a dollar on clearance at Walmart last year.
I love the ducks names.