Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tailor-fit Skirt

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled a skirt out of my mending basket that has been lying there for nearly a year, crying out to be tailored to fit me. It took about 90 minutes, but I wanted to do it properly, because I really adore this little skirt. I paid a quarter for it at a thrift store; it was a size 18, and needed about 5 inches of the waist taken in. Too much for tucks, and with the waistband, zipping up a new side seam in one quick move would create too much bulk as well. So I carefully used my seam ripper to detach a section of the waistband and two of the pleats and part of the hem. Then I marked the new side seam, following the line of the old one. After that was stitched, I cut off the excess fabric and pressed the seam. Next, I marked where the new seam met at the waistband, trimmed the waistband and sewed it back together. I wasn't able to finish the waistband in quite the same manner it was originally put together, since I was working with such a small portion of it, but it blends in nicely. For the hem, I ended up stitching it back up by hand. The original hem was serged with a blind hem; I tried out my machine's blind hem stitch setting on the scrap from the side seam, but it just wouldn't work right with that serged edge. It took just a few minutes to do by hand - far less time than was spent fooling around with the scrap!

So sorry if you were expecting photos of the tailoring process. It did not occur to me to snap pics as I worked. No "before" and "after" shots, either - honestly, the skirt looks exactly the same, just narrower.

I truly love the way this skirt looks and fits! It brings to mind a rather Anthropologie-type of styling, even though it's a Walmart brand. All for a quarter and a little tailoring!

Danskin Now active tee - Walmart
George skirt - thrifted
Comfort Plus by Predictions sandals - Payless

Necklace - thrifted

Love my "new" Anthro-esque skirt!

On a side note, I did get my hair cut on Friday and I really like it. The new girl (new to me, anyway) told me how to style it in a very simple, quick way that works with my quirky hair instead of against it. No more straightening for me! I love the curl definer she sold me (altho it was pricey!) and now I'm on a quest to find a new hair dryer that won't make my head look like a seeded-out dandelion. The dryer we have is the SAME ONE my husband used in collage! It has two settings - hot hurricane gale force or hot motorcycle ride. The amazing thing is that it still blows! After more than 25 years! 

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