Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting Dressed on Friday

My order arrived in the mail yesterday, so I tried everything on this morning before I got dressed. After trying on the Favorite Shirt, I completely changed my mind about what I'd planned to wear today in favor of that shirt instead. It fits perfectly, and I can understand why they call it the Favorite Shirt! (Please forgive the wrinkles - I wore it straight out of the package and didn't really want to iron it since the sizing hasn't been washed out of it yet.)

Merona Favorite Shirt - Target
Merona jeans - Target
Scarf - thrifted

 Look - BIRDIES!!!!

Of course, what's the best thing to wear with this outfit to head outdoors? You guessed it!

Alfani leather jacket - thrifted

At first, I'd paired an orange scarf with the birdie shirt, and I do like how it looks, but then decided I'd rather not wear such a bold color combination on our ventures later today.

These are the boots I found stashed away in the closet that made me wonder what on earth I was thinking when I'd bought them. They are fine with jeans, tho, and fairly comfortable with my special insoles inside. I have no idea what else I'd wear them with, however.

Mossimo Supply Co boots - Target

You won't see a post by me for getting dressed tomorrow. I will get dressed, but won't be home to do the post, and my barely semi-intelligent phone doesn't give me the ability to do mobile posting. Maybe Sister B will do a post so we can finish the week with a full 7 blog entries???

Have a great weekend, folks!

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