Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Got Dressed Too!

Yesterday was just a putz around the house and get stuff done kind of day and I never got around to taking a picture of my outfit.  It was just a t shirt and jeans and I usually run around the house barefoot.  But I did get dressed!  I kind of had to since the pool guys came to close the pool and I had to answer the door!
Today I'm putzing around the house again until this evening when I work in the church nursery with the toddlers.  So I decided on a t shirt and jeans with slip on's but then I noticed that when a raised my arms up that my belly would show!  Ack!  Not good since I'd have to be picking babies up all evening and nobody needs to see my fleshy middle!  So I opted on a snap up shirt (don't worry, the snaps are quite secure!) but I'll need to safety pin the very middle since it tends to gap a little.  Once again, nobody needs to see that.
This is a very blurry picture!  Sorry, but it's the best out of about 10 that I shot and I got tired of posing!  I don't have anyone to take my picture so I usually do the full length mirror shot but wanted to try an outdoor shot this time.  The mirror is the better option for a better quality picture.  Anyway, the top is Faded Glory from Walmart, the jeans are Levi's probably from JCPenney's and the shoes are Sonoma from Khol's.

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Melissa said...

It is tough taking one's own pictures. You can only tolerate that timer for so many shots before you say phooey on it and hope at least one is halfway decent!
Love your shirt! And your shoes! Congrats on getting dressed today! :D