Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's About Time!

It's finally getting cool enough out to wear boots and sweaters. Layers, how I've missed you! The afternoon did warm up enough that the sweater came off eventually, but it was sure nice to wear in the morning. I did some shopping in town - a Goodwill stop, of course, Hobby Lobby to look for wall art for the new porch, and Walmart for assorted necessaries. I'd planned to stop by Aldi's, too, but Walmart wore me out, so I went home instead.

 Van Heusen Studio shirt - thrifted
Next ♥ Era sweater - thrifted
Cecil pants (from Germany) - gifted

At Hobby Lobby, I found a couple of rustic metal wall art pieces that I like, but they were not on sale, so I decided wait to purchase anything. I did find a small metal sign at Walmart that reads "HOME" and bought it, along with some Command hangers. Sadly, it turns out that Command hangers do not work on vinyl siding. Now I am glad I didn't buy anything else to hang on the porch walls, because it looks like it won't be happening anyway. 

 Earrings - can't remember
Hmmm....I think a necklace would have looked nice with this.

Hey! There's a button on the sweater! Missed that...

Ciao Bella extended calf boots - eBay

While I admire the look of slim pants inside tall riding boots on others, I'm not completely convinced the look is right on me. These boots are wonderful, in that they fit my slightly-larger-than-most calves, but they are enough too tall that they tended to bunch at the bottom of the zipper a bit. And I will have to remember to use my special insoles next time. My feet were killing me by the time I got home. Stupid plantar fasciitis. Ruins all the fun with cute shoes! Next time, I will wear these boots with a skirt and tights. Less bulk inside might help.

This is what I brought home from Goodwill. After making the summer/fall wardrobe swap, I discovered the main elements missing are shirts and sweaters. It turns out that I have PLENTY of jeans! I can thank Goodwill for that happy fact. One thing I have hunted for at thrift stores for the past couple of years is a leather jacket, one that is soft & fluid, classically styled and will fit my narrow shoulders and short arms. Lo and behold, the Thrifting Fairies helped me find this lovely, almost-perfect black leather jacket! It fits perfectly except for when it's zipped, and then it's snug around my grammy-belly. I'm going to let out the side seams an inch or so and see if that allows enough ease.

These two plump orange fellas came home with me, too. Some Postman said two big pumpkins would look nice in the half barrels out front, instead of the mums I keep forgetting to buy. Walmart had dropped the price of their pumpkins by a dollar, so I bought two of similar size and shape. They do look rather nice in the half barrels. I wanted to make sure they didn't roll around the back seat with my crazy tired woman driving, so hence, the seatbelts. My friend Grammy Goodwill asked if I had named the pumpkins...I had not, but am now considering proper monikers for the gourds. Any suggestions?


Grammy Goodwill said...

I wish I could think up some good names for you, but I haven't come up with a thing.

twebsterarmstrong said...

Love your boots.