Monday, October 14, 2013

Playing Catch-up and An Idea That's Been Floating Around in my Head

While I did take a couple of outfit photos last week, I never got around to posting them. Rather than do individual posts on those - and risk getting further behind - I'll write one post now and be all caught up. Here goes!

Last Sunday's Matronly Outfit:

 Shirt - LWML Store
Xhileration jacket - Target
Skirt - Dressbarn

 Teapot pin - thrifted

 Born Mary Janes - thrifted

Sarah Coventry ring - thrifted
(yard sale find from two weeks ago)

Last Sunday was our annual LWML Sunday at church, so I wore my only LWML shirt. I think it would have looked better paired with something else, as it turns out, but hey, not every outfit has to be perfect. This was comfortable, although boring.

A few days later....

What I Wore to Meet my Bestie for a Day Out:

 Arizona Flannel Shirt - JCP
Cecil pants (from Germany!) - hand-me-down

 Scarf - Maurice's

 Watch - thrifted
(from yard sale two weeks ago)

Mossimo Western Boots - Target

This outfit was, at least in my eyes, much more appealing than the first one. It was comfortable, casual, yet not dowdy. The watch ended up staying home. On my way out the door, it fell off my wrist twice! The clasp just couldn't stay together. (Most likely the reason why it was put in someone's yard sale.) Later, my husband worked some sort of magic on it and now it should hold, although I have not yet given it a try. 

Yesterday's Church Outfit:

 Twenty-One Dress - thrifted

 l.e.i. Booties - Walmart

Earrings - thrifted
Necklace - JCP or Target (can't remember which!)

I was going to wear leggings with this tunic/dress, but they didn't want to stay tucked inside the booties, and I think it looks goofy to have them hovering above. So tights it was, instead. Isn't it neat how the necklace and earrings match, despite being purchased seperately? Maybe the earrings originally were purchased at the same store the necklace came from. But they sure didn't come as a set, wherever it was I bought the necklace.

Yes, I did get my hair cut again. It was just too much work having the sides longer and not layered. Shorter layers are just so much easier for me to "do". Most of the time, air drying after a combing is enough styling. When I was young, I didn't mind spending half an hour in the bathroom fiddling with my hair, but nowadays, I'd rather spend my time on other things.

Did you notice a different background in the last pictures? Yep, those were taken out in our new screened-in porch! It's nearly finished, but I've already been enjoying it. It won't be long and the weather will limit our use of the porch, but I plan to use it as much as possible until then.

And now for that idea that's been bouncing around my little old pea-brain....

Last week, I stored away my summer clothes and brought out my fall/winter ones. As I sorted, culled and freshened everything, I realized that I don't utilize my wardrobe all that well, despite this blog. (This blog's goal was to get me out of baggy sweats and old flannel shirts.) I find myself wearing "decent outfits" only on Sundays or days I go out, rather than every day. And so I thought I'd challenge myself to wear a "real" outfit every single day for an entire week. After all, you never know when someone is going to knock on the front door. How embarrassing to be seen still wearing your workout gear, long after the workout was over - or never happened, as is more often the case. I'm glad I put on a nearly complete outfit today, since a neighbor knocked on my door today. No accessories, but at least I'm wearing real pants (the brown ones in the second outfit above) and a knit shirt and moccasins. Not only will wearing something nice keep me from hiding behind the door, but it might improve my self-image, confidence, etc.

Anyone care to join me in this quest? It will be next week, October 20-26. Let's call the challenge "Get Dressed Every Day", shall we? 


Grammy Goodwill said...

I really like your black dress and accessories. You look very nice.

Melissa said...

Thank you!