Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sale Away!

Have I mentioned before how much I love to go to yard sales? It's right up there with poking around thrift stores, in my book! And perusing clearance racks. Finding a treasure for a song makes my heart go pitty-patter.

This past Saturday, I drove to a nearby town for their annual fall city-wide yard sales. It was wonderbar! The first sale I stopped at must have had some rare treasures, based on the prices. I did not buy a single thing there! A couple houses down the block, however, not only were the prices extra-cheap, but the stuff was fabulous! My arms were so loaded, I could barely waddle back to my car. I found very little else after that, but the thrill of the hunt spurred me onward.

Here's a sampling of the delightful goodies I brought home with me:

There was more, but I tossed the clothing items in the washer before I thought to take a picture. Some of these things are for me to keep and enjoy, while others will be listed for sale in my Etsy shop. More than likely, this was the last Saturday of yard sales for the season, so I'll have to satisfy my hankering for thrifting by visiting second-hand stores over the next several months.


Grammy Goodwill said...

Quite a haul. I think I have that same green apron. I was collecting them for awhile, but now it's one of those things that I don't know what to do with.
I'm going to a craft show Friday - big switch from yard sales, but I enjoy them, too.

Melissa said...

I have a collection of these vintage aprons, too, that mostly sit in a drawer. But I have a few of them (the ones that belonged to my great-grandma) draped across the glass shelves in my china cupboard, so they can be sort-of on display. I always thought it would be neat to hang them on the wall as art, also, but haven't had the wall space for it. Maybe when we get the kitchen remodeled...