Monday, October 21, 2013

Two Sisters Get Dressed on Monday

First we have the Headless Sister, also known as the Salt City Hausfrau, who utilized her closet components this morning.

Jeans - Walmart??? (she doesn't remember)
Light knit sweater - JCP clearance
Scarf - World Market
Shoes - Target

My sister says the reason she's headless is because she hadn't done hair or makeup yet. It's not because she blew her top. She might be running around like the proverbial chicken, however. I just love her scarf, don't you?

And here's me...the Flint Hills Hausfrau, who should have gone headless as well, since I did neither hair nor makeup today. But I went out in public like that, so I figured it's only right to leave my undone head on for the pics.

 Cato Jeans - thrifted
Merona t-shirt - Target
Sweater - Old Navy
Scarf - Walmart
Born Moccasins - eBay

I look puffy-eyed and sleepy. This should motivate me to put on a teensy bit of makeup before going out, shouldn't it? The scarf has not stayed on, since it gets in the way when cleaning house, but was much appreciated while waiting for the car heater to warm up.

And now that I'm back home from cleaning Ruth's house, it is time to go clean my own bathroom. Yeehaw!

Get dressed, people!

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