Thursday, October 24, 2013

Two Sisters Get Dressed on Thursday

I knew that getting dressed every day would be a challenge for me, but I had no idea just how much! I've not been sleeping well at night, due to persistent pain in my legs and feet, which makes wearing cozy flannel and fleece all the more appealing. However, I am a firm believer in dressing as if you feel wonderful, and in turn, you do actually feel better. So I'm donning real clothes.

Sister B is getting dressed every day, as well. She doesn't always have to put on real clothes on a weekday, either, but my little sister is much better at looking good no matter what she wears than me. Here's what she wore to Bible study this morning:

Axcess top - Target
Scarf - Amazon
Riders denim jacket - ???
Lee corduroy jeans - thrifted
Merona shoes - Target

I love this outfit on her! Pumpkin is definitely her color. That jacket actually looks a bit familiar...did I happen to pass that along to you? Maybe that's where it came from!

And here's what I'm wearing today:

No Name top - thrifted
(There's no tag inside, but it doesn't seem to be handmade.)
Mossimo sweater - Target
Loft chinos - thrifted
Dansko canvas shoes - eBay

This photo is included ONLY so you can see my shoes, since they got cut off in the above pic.
Also, this is how the outfit looks with the sweater buttoned.
It's better left open.

Earrings - JCP

I fell in love with the dots on this shirt when I saw it at Goodwill. At first, I thought I'd do some tailoring on it - darts in back, shorten the sleeves - but I actually like it fine the way it is for now. It's loose and flowy and comfortable. It's not very easy to put the sweater on over it, what with the full sleeves, but I'm getting  plenty of practice. Off it goes while I snap beans; back on while I sit at the computer; off again to bathe the dog; on again to go pick peppers (there's going to be a hard freeze tonight). 

The shoes don't really look that great with this outfit, but my feet needed me to wear them today. These are one of several pair of shoes that somewhat reduce that pain in my stupid feet. I'm beginning to think the only way the pain will go away is to quit walking, standing, sitting or laying down. I need to learn how to hover.

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