Saturday, November 2, 2013

Land of Confusion

My body is confused. It can't decide which size it wants to be. So it sits between sizes, making a 12 feel snug, but a 14 baggy. And yet, if I were to purchase a size 13, which would seem to be logical, it would not fit at all! Alas, I am stuck in the Land of Size Confusion...

Yesterday, I took a trash bag full of things (mostly clothes) to donate to Goodwill, where, of course, I also did some shopping. I'm still trying to fill the gaps in my closet for the winter, mostly with shirts. After yesterday's shopping, tho, I believe the gaps are pretty well filled. One thing that will be going back into the "to donate" pile is this yellow shirt. I'd dug it out of the sack destined for Goodwill, because it was the only shirt that coordinated with this amazing new birdie print sweater from Thankfully, I found a replacement at Target, because it was painfully obvious WHY that shirt had been discarded in the first place. It's MUCH too short!

 Mossimo cardigan - Target
No-name too-short yellow shirt - who knows???
Loft chinos - thrifted

The sweater managed to hide the shortness of the shirt most of the time, but I had to tug everything into place each time I got out of the car. And forget about taking the sweater off when I got warmed up - this girl looks bad in a belly shirt!

 Earrings - ???
Necklace - gift from friend MA

I've had these earrings since high school. They have remained in my jewelry collection all these years because Some Postman loves the color (as do I). Hoops are classic, anyway, even if they are not a traditional shape for a hoop. Besides, high-low hemlines and neon colors, both '80s trends, have come back, so why not bring back these '80s hoops?


The mule shoes in the photo above were not worn more than 5 minutes. They are fine for most excursions, but I knew I'd be on my feet a lot yesterday, so opted to switch to something that would stay on my feet without so much effort. And I didn't go back for another pic. I wore those studded trimmed ankle boots that I didn't think would look right with much of anything but have turned out to be quite wearable. Go figure.

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