Monday, November 4, 2013

Mad Men-esque

Our church is making a new pictorial directory, so Some Postman and I had our photo taken between services yesterday. We dressed in coordinating outfits. Does that make us old? You know, you've seen the retired couple who wears matching sweatshirts or entire sweat outfits or other goofy clothes. No, I think we just looked like we belonged together, and rather Mad Men-esque, too.

Not the greatest photo (poor lighting, etc) but we're both smiling and don't have dorky looks on our faces. It'll do!

 Xhileration lace dress - Target
Studio 1940 cardigan - Fashion Bug

 Just call me Bambi...must be headlights shining in my eyes...duh...

 Vintage Sarah Conventry pin worn as a pendant - thrifted
(I didn't want to risk tearing the lace by pinning it on.)

Ribbon flats - Target

My black platform heel pumps would have been more appropriate, but my feet hurt too much to consider the possibility. Going without the cardigan would have been more Mad Men-esque, too, but I just can't do sleeveless, especially this time of year. And my handsome hubby could have worn a hat of some sort to look like a Mad Man, but his hat is a beat up old thing he wears to do yard work. Not Mad Men-esque. So we were close...but that's not really the look we were going for anyway. Or rather, that I was going for. I picked out his clothes for him, ha ha! (That rarely happens, just so you know. He does a pretty good job picking out his own attire. This was a special occasion and he humored me.)

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