Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Soft and Cuddly

The North Door has been left open in Kansas, which means it's gotten downright chilly around here. We've had January-style weather in two rounds already since Thanksgiving. It might be shaping up to be a remarkably COLD winter!

All the more reason to wear cozy warm outfits like this one, which I wore to church this past Sunday. As the congregation went about greeting one another at the beginning of service, I received several hugs that lasted extra long so the hugger could enjoy my cuddly softness!

a.n.a. shirt - JCP
Chadwick's skirt - thrifted
Scarf - ???

 Faith 21 sweater-jacket thing - thrifted

I found this ultra-soft sweater-jacket thing hanging among the men's jackets at Goodwill, as if someone had either changed their mind about it, or "hid" it so they could get it later. (I've worked in retail before, and have seen this done. A customer tucks something where it would least likely be found by someone else who might want it, then they can go back later when they have the money for it and it will still be there. Unless, of course, the retail workers are doing their job.) It's a size 3X and came with a hideous 4-inch wide elastic belt. Yes, it's enormous on me, but since the shoulders aren't overly broad, I think it works as a swing jacket, especially without that awful belt. After looking at the pictures, I can see that it really doesn't do anything for my shape, but who cares when it's so soft and cuddly, even the high school boys at church can't resist petting my arm? (Just so you know - I consider all our church youth to be my own children, so it's not weird! Really!)

Mossimo western boots - Target

Vintage Sarah Coventry pin - Heritage Collections gift shop, Wamego

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