Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Day Out with my Bestie and a Day Out with my Sweetie

My dear Bestie drove 500 miles to come see little ol' me this past weekend. We spent all of Saturday afternoon together, having lunch, catching up with one another and doing a little shopping. It was a joy to have a little time with her!

 Decree sweater - JCP
Liz Claiborne jeans - thrifted
Scarf - can't remember
Merrell shoes - eBay

Ambrielle cami - JCP

On Sunday, Some Postman and I drove back to our hometown. We spent the day browsing antique shops and visiting his home church. The church served a soup supper in the evening; SP ate two bowls of smoked chili. I had a tiny portion of potato soup. It was the soup with the least amount of meat in it, but still had to pick the bacon out. Mostly I enjoyed the slice of homemade pecan pie! A cold front arrived while we were enjoying supper, bringing a vicious north wind along. Our drive home was challenging. Thank goodness we drive a small car! One guy on a motorcycle merged onto the highway only to pull over less than a mile later so he could creep along to the next exit. There was field debris blowing across the road the entire trip. Fairly early on, we hit what seemed to be a clump of dirt. Some Postman discovered the next morning that included in that clump was a 3-foot long piece of heavy gauge wire that wrapped itself around the car's front axle! It also punctured the left front tire, but somehow we made it all the way home without any problems. The tire didn't go flat til overnight. I'd asked God to keep us safe on our homeward journey, and He did just that!

I didn't get any outfit photos from Sunday, but did snap a few pics of the goodies we found at the antique stores:

1940s vintage Dachshund letter holder

Queen Buzzy Bee pull toy
 I used to have one of these when I was little. It was played with and loved by at least two of my younger siblings, as well, and thus met its demise. Nostalgia won out when I saw this toy and I had to have it!

Frankoma Guernsey pitcher & juice cups

Frankoma Kansas trivet

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