Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Warmer Outfit for Another Cold Day

Last Thursday was another cold, cold day in Kansas, and since my clothing the day before was lacking in true warmth, I upped the ante a bit with this outfit. It worked! Too well, at one point.

 Bella Bird tee - Walmart
Worthington sweater - thrifted
Faded Glory leggings - Walmart
Fleece lined leggings (underneath) - Amazon
St Johns Bay riding boots - JCP

Dachshund earrings - eBay

Thursday morning was spent at church, helping several other ladies move a bunch of stuff out of the Fellowship Hall to new homes in the new addition section of the church. After a couple hours, I was beginning to regret my warmer outfit! So off went the sweater...thankfully the ladies with whom I was working are lovely friends and they overlooked the fact that the gray-blue tee is clingy, making my fat rolls glaringly obvious. We got our work done in record time and accomplished a lot!

Later that evening, my neighbor T and I drove out to U's house for Book Club. The sweater was much appreciated again, because the mercury plummeted along with the sun. Brr! 

U on the left, T on the right
(T insisted on her face not being shown, hence the happy face.)

Oh, how I adore this fabulous group of women in our Book Club! Our monthly meetings are like therapy to me; afterwards, I am refreshed, renewed, happy and enlightened. We've been getting together to discuss books and life, sip a bit of wine and feast upon tasty treats, for at least 12 years now, I think. Not only has my reading taste been expanded, but so has my world. U was born in Germany: T was a flight attendant, travelling the world: MM is a writer: B runs marathons.  MJ, SA, and SK all have varied and amazing life stories I never tire of hearing. P and I are "pet in-laws" (our Dachshunds were "married"): CL hosts foreign exchange students. CC is long-distance at the time, but adds depth via email. L is a fairly new addition to our group, and we are finding her to be a rich source of knowledge as well. Each woman is unique, rich in experience, generous of heart and greatly treasured in my own heart. I am so thankful to be a part of WBC!

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