Thursday, January 16, 2014

Catching Up With Last Weekend

Last Saturday was Some Postman's last Saturday off work for the foreseeable future. Until a substitute rural mail carrier is hired for him, this is just the way it's gonna be. So, to make that Saturday off really count, we took a road trip. We visited his aunt and uncle, and my brother and his family, who both happen to live in a town about 90 minutes away. We also looked at a couple of antique stores downtown, one of which is the BIGGEST antique store we'd ever seen! It has three floors of booths in quite a maze; it took us two hours to see every nook and cranny. We didn't lollygag around, either! For lunch, we used a gift card given to us by my parents for Christmas and ate at Red Lobster. Yes, even though I am vegetarian, once in a blue moon I will eat a bit of fish. Altogether, it was a really wonderful Saturday! And this is what I wore:

a.n.a. top - JCP
Mossimo skirt - Target
Fleece lined leggings - NY Fashion Exchange
Mossimo Western boots - Target
Hand-knit scarf - gift from book club friend

Sunday's outfit was built completely around the wonderful vintage Bob Mackey pin that my husband bought for me at the smaller antique store we'd visited on Saturday. As I was pinning it to my sweater, one of the little pearly bubbles fell off. Etta, my doggy vacuum cleaner, instantly located it and tried to eat it. Thankfully, she listened to me when I said "Drop it!" and let me have the pearl. Some Postman applied a little super glue, and all was well again. To reward Etta for "helping" me, I bought her a new toy at the store this week. She ate the entire thing in less than an hour. It was a toy designed to last for weeks. Sure....

 Tee - thrifted
Merona sweater - Target
Dockers pants - thrifted

Isn't it adorable???

Born Mary Janes - thrifted

Honestly, I thought those pants were navy, but they sure do look black in the pictures! I suppose I should hem them so they don't have to be folded up like that, but I haven't taken the time. Someday....

In an effort to get more things done, be more organized and increase my energy, I've been using my daily planner to schedule an activity for each day that I hope to accomplish. Kind of a "to-do list", but much shorter. For example, this week has looked like this:

Monday - organize mess upstairs (remember that in the background of an outfit pic a few posts ago?)
Tuesday - go shopping (groceries, Goodwill)
Wednesday - clean house
Thursday - finish organizing upstairs (I knew it would be at least a two-day job.)
Friday - sew
Saturday - list stuff on eBay

So far, I've accomplished each goal for each day. And now, folks, I must head upstairs to finish turning that mess into organized loveliness! 

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I really like that first outfit. The scarf looks great with it. I also like your skirt length.
That is a very pretty pin Some Postman gave you. I like your shoes, too. I just know they're comfortable by looking at them.