Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chinook Sunday in January

A south wind came along - gustily! - and brought temps up to about 60° on Sunday, so I took full advantage. Three-quarter sleeves and peep toe shoes celebrated the spring-like weather nicely. After church, dinner and a wee sit-down, I put the harness on the weenie dog, donned my walking shoes and went for an extra-long walk. It was glorious!

 Liz Claiborne top - JCP
Merona skirt - thrifted

My adopted mother-in-law gave this lovely scarf and scarf jewelry to me for Christmas. Linda is actually my youngest sister's MIL, but since my own MIL lives in heaven now, Linda allowed me to adopt her so I can have one here on earth, too. She is such a sweetheart! Salt City Hausfrau adopted her as her MIL, too, so all three of us share the world's sweetest MIL. We love you, Mama Linda!

Several people commented how much they liked this scarf. One friend asked, "Is it a scarf or a necklace?" My reply: It's a "scarf-lace"! The term fits, don't you think? My youngest sister gave me a set of the scarf jewelry for my birthday last year, also, but with a flower pendant instead of a heart. I've been doubly gifted!

Sofft peep toes - thrifted


Bflowers said...

You look so put together! Very lovely! We are so blessed to have Linda as our MIL! And blessed that our little sister is willing to share in that blessing!!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, my goodness. You look great. I really like your "scarf-lace" and I love the story about your adopted MIL. That is so sweet. We had your beautiful day yesterday, but I was busy inside at Dad's house. (Sad face) Today we have snow. Hope you're having a great day.

lindalou607 said...

Looks great Melissa! Love you two!!

Bflowers said...

Love you too, Mom! <3