Saturday, January 4, 2014

First Outfit for 2014

This outfit isn't anything to write home about. It was warm and comfortable.  I spent most of the day putzing around the house, then went to a meeting at church in the afternoon. I really like the sweater, but am not too fond of the pants anymore. They sure did get nubby awfully quick. I'll have to look for a higher quality pair of black ponte pants.

 Mossimo sweater - thrifted
George pants - Walmart
Scarf - thrifted
Mossimo ankle boots - Target

I went "on location" for these photos - up to the gable room! It's in a sad state of affairs at the time. Yes, I took down most of the Christmas decorations, but I need to sort thru them and put them in the new Rubbermaid totes, so everything is all in a heap upstairs. At least the mess is out of sight! The plan is to have AALLLL that junk up in the gable room sorted and put in totes for storage on the new shelves that will be in the laundry room. It's gonna take a while...

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I like your sweater. It reminds me that I need to figure out what to wear to church tomorrow. It's so hard in the winter time. Sigh.
I still have to put away my Christmas decorations, too. I'm waiting for a warmer day to get in the attic. I think that might be Monday.