Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Not All Glitz and Glammer

This outfit was from last week, on Wednesday. The day was spent at home, doing some file transferring from the old computer to the new one and working on the blog. I'm in the process of moving FHH to another blog hosting site, but am not quite ready to make the move final just yet. I'm still learning the ropes over there. When I do make the move, I'll put a link at this location so you can follow me over there.

Anyway, last Wednesday was a cold, cold day, and a bad hair day at the same time. This outfit was an attempt to remedy both, but did not succeed. Right after supper, I switched into two pairs of fuzzy pants, added a flannel shirt and an extra pair of socks. It took that and a Dachshund under a blanket for me to finally get warm. I am so done with winter! And we haven't had it nearly as cold and miserable as the folks north and east of us. May spring come early to us all!

 Pieces by Kensie sweater - thrifted
Nameless black pants that have since been donated to the thrift store - doesn't matter
Mossimo booties - Target

Scarf - thrifted

After wearing those nameless black pants most of the day, I decided that the fit was poor and stuffed them into a "to donate" sack when I gave up and donned fuzzy pants. Wearing the scarf on my head was actually kind of nice. Not only did it hide my flat, lifeless hair, but it did keep my head sort of warm. I'm not sure that I put it on my head in a fashionable manner, but it stayed put. 


Mia said...

I think the scarf is great! I am a big proponent of headscarves for funky hair days, and you're wearing it delightfully.

Bflowers said...

Cute for a day at the house outfit and the scarf looks good on you! The thumbnail pic I saw for your post made me think you had it tied up in a Rosie the Riveter fashion which I think you'd look super cute in! And with that scarf and sweater we could call you Domestic Dotty! :D