Friday, January 3, 2014

Last Outfit for 2013

This is what I wore to church on the last Sunday of 2013. I felt rather like a pine tree wearing these colors, but I really liked how the outfit came together. If I'd had one of those pine tree car air fresheners, that would have made a fun and scented accessory!

 Cato top - thrifted
Mossimo skirt - Target
Fleece-lined leggings - NY Fashion Exchange

 Shawl - NY Fashion Exchange

 Antonio Melani fur & leather purse - thrifted

This beautiful purse doubles as a lap and hand warmer while waiting for the heater to rev up in the car. Just lay it on your lap, tuck your hands underneath it, and in seconds, at least a small part of you is warm as toast!

 Easy Spirit boots - eBay

These boots are a recent eBay purchase. I've not had much luck finding good boots at the thrift stores this year, so I began hunting on eBay. These were advertised as leather by the seller, but when I got them, I could tell the minute I pulled them out of the box that they are NOT leather. Sure enough, the label inside reads "all man made materials". Thankfully, the seller reimbursed a portion of the purchase price as compensation for their false advertising. I like the boots well enough, but had counted on them being leather, which wears so much nicer and lasts so much longer. 

Owl necklace - gift from Salt City Hausfrau

Isn't this owl necklace adorable? It has a funny story.... Some Postman and I missed out on my family Christmas gathering due to snow-packed roads, so our gifts were delivered later by our daughter, who had made it. One of my stocking stuffers was a packet of tea bags...or so I thought. A few days later, I was chatting with my sister, Salt City Hausfrau, and she asked if I had opened the packet of tea. Um, I went to the cupboard, got the packet out of my vintage glass box that holds my tea stash, and opened it. What ho! It was not tea, but a cheerful owl peeking out at me! I just love it, too, even tho owls in person are not my favorite bird. (They dive bomb ducks and snatch them for supper!) SC Hausfrau got identical necklaces for herself and our little sister, so we can be triplets. We'll have to coordinate our outfits the next time our little sis is here visiting so I can make a special Owl Triplets blog post.

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