Thursday, January 9, 2014

One Outfit, Two Days

Most of the time, I tend to wear everyday clothes twice or even three times before tossing them in the laundry. We have hard water, and over-laundering fades and wears out clothing much faster. Unless a shirt or pants gets soiled or smelly, it's getting a repeat performance the next day.

On Tuesday this week, after Some Postman finished delivering the mail, he and I made a trip to town for some tires, groceries, gas for the postal car and a light dinner. It's still on the chilly side of things here in Kansas, although not the bitter sub-zero temps we had just a few days ago. I think my insides are not quite thawed out, so I've been layering up to stay warm.

Xhileration dress - Target
Bella Bird tee - Walmart
Fleece leggings - Walmart
Mossimo Western boots - Target
Scarf - gift from my daughter
The next day, I wore the same dress, tee and leggings, adding a big heavy sweater and swapping the boots for furry slippers. I'm really liking this outfit formula right now - dress with layers and leggings. I've worn leggings under jeans to keep warm, but find that makes me quite stiff and not wanting to move around much. Wearing the leggings under a dress allows much more freedom of movement and is still warm. Except when going out to the chicken house. Or shoveling snow. Stiff layers are needed then!
Merona sweater - Target
Isotoner slippers - JCP

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I really like that dress! It seems that you can wear it many different ways. (Oh, and I wear my clothes more than once, too.)