Wednesday, February 26, 2014

For Love of the Wonderful Dachshund

This dress was featured as part of Librarian For Life and Style author Jen's "Uniquely Yours" challenge entry on Modcloth in January. As soon as I saw it on her blog page, I fell tail over heels in love with it! I went directly to Modcloth and put it in my cart. However, because I so rarely purchase anything for full price, I did not purchase it right away. I mulled it over for more than a week, and every time I looked at the dress, I became more enamored with it. Since I was a new customer, they offered a coupon for $15 off, and so I bought the dress!

Dress - Modcloth
Studio 1940 cardigan - Fashion Bug (ages ago!)
Danskin black tee - Walmart
Handmade purse - eBay
Clarks shoes - thrifted

I like that Modcloth has reviews and recommendations on sizing, but it didn't help me a lot with this purchase. My body is unique and what others said about fit didn't necessarily apply to me. So I had to exchange my first choice for a different size. It was quite simple to do and the new dress arrived quickly. This one fits better, although there's still something kind of wonky about the bodice on me. With a cardigan over it, however, it's not noticeable. 

Of course Etta Pooka needed to be in the pictures! She's the inspiration behind this entire outfit, after all, and she's the perfect accessory. Sadly, I could not take her to church with me, because for some reason dogs aren't allowed. 

Pooka still greatly dislikes the wood floor in our bedroom, which is why she looks rather apprehensive. She's only slightly less afraid of the floor while up on my lap in the chair. But at least this time she didn't try to claw her way to the top of my head. Poor sad dog...

 Necklace - gift from my Mom
Earrings - thrifted

And, finally, here's a look at my new haircut. It's a big change, isn't it? Several people at church said they liked it, but I'm not entirely sure that I am all that fond of it. My hair never looks the way I envision it with a new cut. Well, at any rate, it will grow eventually and I can try something else.

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Mia said...

Ah, so cute! I've never bought anything from Modcloth because of the high prices and what I've heard about the varying quality, but they really do stock some adorable novelty prints. I think your haircut looks super cute, but I'm an advocate of short hair on just about everybody, so I'm kind of biased...