Sunday, February 2, 2014

Groundhog Day

Good ol' Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today, so it seems we are in for six more weeks of winter. Like the furry critter actually has anything to do with it. Spring comes the same time every year, on the Vernal Equinox, March 20th. It may or may not feel like spring at that time, but that is officially when spring arrives. A groundhog has nothing to do with it. But hey, at least Phil has a job.

Winter is most definitely making its presence felt here in the Flint Hills. Another 3-5 inches of snow fell a couple days ago, and more is promised this coming week. Snow is fine. It's pretty, provides an outdoor workout opportunity, and it's not too challenging to drive upon. Sleet, freezing rain and ice are another story. I'd appreciate it if the Weather Dudes can keep those things OUT of our forecast!

In perusing my closet last night in anticipation of church this morning, I ran across a dress that has not yet been worn. It was an online Target clearance purchase several months ago, which I probably should have returned. Sequins really aren't my cuppa tea. But these are rather subtle sequins, if there exists such a thing, and it's far too late to return the dress now, so I might as well get a few wearings out of it, right?

 Xhileration dress - Target
Danskin tee - Walmart
Tights - Khol's, I think
(Sigh....and there's a lamp growing out of my head...)

Mossimo cropped jacket - Target
Scarf - gift from my daughter
Photo bombing dachshund - Etta Pooka!

l.e.i. booties - Walmart

Look! I actually put on makeup today!
And those are my snowflake earrings, which you've seen many, many times this winter.

After we got home from church, I swapped out the jacket, tights and boots for leggings, a flannel shirt and slippers to make a cozier, more relaxed outfit just right for Skyping with my dear friend in Michigan. That poor girl has stopped counting how many inches of snow they are blanketed beneath! And the temperature? I'm pretty sure the thermometer we have doesn't go down that low. Brr!

Some Postman and I are not football fans, so the Superb Owl will not be viewed at our house this evening. (I love that little switcheroo to keep from using the proper name of the game, don't you? How silly that we can't call it by its proper name for fear of our pants being sued off of us. Yet another reason not to watch the Big Game.) Instead, I am looking forward to the next episode of Downton Abbey and hopefully an hour of Big Bang Theory reruns on Fox. Or is that the station on which the Seahawks and Broncos will be duking it out? (See, I do happen to know who's playing! ha! Just not what station is airing it.) If we had cable, I'd be watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. I read that they have PENGUIN cheerleaders! Penguins!!! I adore penguins! I'd have one for a pet if I could. My son adores penguins, too, and says he wishes he could have a pet penguin, too. Since we can't have real penguins, we have to settle for this:

Meet Peng....she is a stuffed mother Emporer penguin (I'm pretty sure that's what type of penguin she is, anyway). Some Postman won her at his company Christmas party many years ago, before he was a mailman, back when our daughter was a toddler. We set Peng next to her bed when we got home from the party so when Min got up in the morning, that penguin would be the first thing she'd see. Poor kid! She was rather terrified at first, but it didn't take long before she was dragging Peng all over the house, riding on her back and using her for a footstool. Peng has been with us for a long time! That's probably why Hungry Bird and I have such a love for penguins. (He was too young to be traumatized by waking up to find a life-size penguin staring at him, so he has known only love and adoration for penguins, unlike his sister. She's not afraid of them anymore, by the way.) A real live penguin would be SO cool, tho....

This will likely be the longest post of the coming week, as my daily planner is already marked up each day. I do plan to take photos, tho, and if one of the predicted snow storms does indeed dump a boatload on us, I'll take the time to write more than how-do-you-do. Have a great week, folks, and stay warm!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

Great dress. I love the different ways you styled it. That jacket is my favorite.
I have a penguin story I might email you.