Monday, February 10, 2014

Pre-Valentine's Day Dress-Up

Since yesterday was the Sunday before Valentine's Day, I thought I'd wear something appropriately festive in honor of the holiday. What better dress than my red tiered one?

Merona dress - Target
Ciao Bella boots - eBay

I knew that I would blend in with the chair, posing in this location, but the lighting was best here. Also, the chair looks very Valentine-y, don't you think?

 Faith 21 jacket - thrifted

Despite the fact this jacket is a size 3X, when I saw it at Goodwill, crammed in with the men's shirts (was someone hiding it so they could come back later to get it?), I simply had to have it! It's super soft, plush, cozy, snuggly and hug-inducing. It does nothing for my shape, but who cares? It's cuddly! I like to say it's a "swing jacket", not hugely over-sized.

♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

 Necklace - my own creation

 Earrings - from my MIL's collection

 Plastic heart ring - Hobby Lobby

Check out this novelty ring - it BLINKS! I bought it on super-clearance after Valentine's Day last year at Hobby Lobby for a whopping 10¢. This blinkin' blinker caught several eyes at church, young and old alike. (I turned it off during the service, of course. The focus needs to be on worship, not festive accessories.) Even my dear Some Postman thought it was cool! I plan to wear it all week long. 

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Mia said...

Swing coat indeed! Oversized stuff can be wonderful, and that coat looks very stylish on you.