Saturday, February 8, 2014

Style Imitating Art: Snowy Owl

This is my first time to participate in Style Imitating Art, hosted by Jen of Librarian For Life And Style. The illustration she chose is Snowy Owl by John James Audubon in his seminal Birds of America:

When I saw this beautiful illustration, it inspired me to stop merely being a spectator of the ladies doing SIA and actually join them. Two outfits came to mind right away, but this is the one I ended up wearing:

 Sonoma long sleeve tee - thrifted
Coldwater Creek sweater - thrifted
Faded Glory leggings - Walmart
St Johns Bay boots - JC Penney
Owl necklace - gift from sister B, the Salt City Hausfrau
Earrings - JC Penney

I'm wearing a white cami underneath, because this tee is a bit on the short side and I wanted to include some white in honor of the Snowy Owls. Also, it's cold around here and I can use the extra layer. There's a pair of fleece lined leggings underneath the floral leggings, for two reasons. A: It's cold around here. B: My skin is being fussy today and only wants super soft things touching it.

The colors in Audubon's Snowy Owl illustration really appeal to me, and I love how they work together in my outfit. Later this afternoon, when Some Postman gets home from work, we will go to Town for a bit of shopping. It'll be a hoot! (Sorry...couldn't resist!)


Grammy Goodwill said...

I like that you set goals and meet them. That's much better than I'm doing. I also really like that owl necklace.

Mia said...

Oh, this is nice! The muted colors get across the theme very well. Go ahead and hoot your own horn! *rimshot*