Monday, March 3, 2014

Book Club Night

Last Thursday evening was Book Club night. The rest of the group read "I Married Adventure" by Osa Johnson; I did not get the book in time to read it. That didn't stop me from going, of course! Even if I haven't read the book, I enjoy listening to everyone's impressions of the book. And of course, we talk about all kinds of things other than the book, as well.

Xhileration dress - thrifted
St Johns Bay tee - JCP
Scarf - I don't remember
Fleece-lined leggings - Walmart
St Johns Bay boots - JCP

This outfit was SO comfortable! And warm! I love the subtle sparkle in the dress - can you see it? The scarf isn't tied very well, but my sweet daughter posted a video on my Facebook page that shows how to do 16 different scarf options. So next time, I can watch that and do a better job.

Earrings - gift from MA
Ever since Some Postman and I got back from our mini vacation over Valentine's Day / Presidents Day weekend, I've had a difficult time making myself write blog posts. At first, it was due to all the laundry and cleaning that needed doing. But I think the real reason has been because of my new haircut. My beautician did a wonderful job, giving me exactly the cut I asked's just that I don't like it the way I thought I would. And so it's been a challenge for me to take pictures of myself and post on the blog. I'm going to work harder at working with the hair and get used to it. It will eventually grow out, and then I'll probably forget again that I don't like super short hair and do the same thing all over. Ha! I have the same problem when it comes to hot cocoa. It looks so delicious in Some Postman's mug, so I fix some for myself and ten minutes later I'm remembering why it is that I shouldn't drink the stuff.

Will I ever learn from past mistakes?

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