Thursday, March 27, 2014

Outfit Inspiration

Most of the time, inspiration for my outfits comes directly from my closet. Outfits can only be created with what I have in there, after all. However, once in a while inspiration strikes from other sources. I'm not a stalker of outfits on Pinterest, although I know a lot of folks do that. My inspiration comes from other fashion bloggers, friends and the occasional magazine. This outfit was inspired by blogger friend Mia from Reading in Skirts. When I saw her post, I knew that I could very nearly recreate her look exactly, except for her awesome socks. Check out Mia's original look here: Reading in Skirts 3/7/14.

 No Boundaries dress - Walmart
Mossimo shrug - Target
Tights - hmmm...???
Soda flats - hmmm again...eBay? Payless?
Earrings - JC Penney's

 Necklace - gift from MA

Thank you, Mia, for the inspiration! I really like how this came together. That orange shrug has been in my closet all winter without seeing any wear because I could not think of anything with which it would look right. It's perfect with gray! I kind of wish I had some more interesting tights, but since my legs are chunky, patterned tights might just make them look like an elephant's legs. At any rate, this is how your outfit looks on a shorter, chunkier, older person! :)

Now I must tell you about the necklace I'm wearing. My dear sweet friend, MA sent me a box of goodies for my birthday last week. There was a note on a small package that said to open it last. After Pooka helped me open all the other gifts, I opened that special one without her help. Inside was this lovely little necklace. MA had it custom made by an Etsy artist who lives near her - just for me! You see, MA and I "met" about 12-15 years ago via a refunding/couponing magazine we both belonged to. We began corresponding and soon developed a fast friendship. Over the years, we have become very close and "adopted" each other as sisters. We have never met in person, although we hope to do that one day! This necklace expresses our feelings for one another, and it is something I will treasure always! I ♥ you, MA!


Mia said...

Aaaahh, you look so cute! I'm so freakin' delighted that you did this, it looks so great on you. My legs are QUITE chunky but I just don't pay any mind to it and wear ridiculous tights and socks anyhow. :)

That necklace is so cute. I have close friends who I haven't met IRL, through blogging and other websites, and they're so important to me.

Melissa G said...

Thanks, Mia! I'm slowly learning that it's more important to wear what I LIKE rather than what "they" say is best. One of these days, perhaps I will find some crazy legwear and wear it happily!

I was just reading today that "virtual friendships" are not as meaningful as "real life friendships" and I have to disagree. GREATLY! My online friends are very much REAL friends!