Sunday, March 16, 2014

Recent Thrifting Finds

The weather will soon be nice enough that folks will open their garages, set up tables and sell off the results of their spring cleaning. In the meantime, thrift stores are where I get my "thrifting fixes". Here's a peek at what I've brought home from recent bargain hunts:

The above items all came from the once-a-month sale run by the Catholic church in a nearby town. I had $13 in my pocket, and used all but 30¢ - the most I've ever spent there, I believe! But my giant bag was stuffed too full to carry it all. The pictures above don't include ALL the stuff I got. Most of the clothing has been added to my closet, but some will be sold on eBay (it didn't fit - there's no place to try stuff on, but the prices are so cheap it doesn't matter). As I tried on the denim jacket farthest to the right, I stuck my hand in the pocket and found $4!

Here's something wonderful I found in the back room at Sarah's Treasures, a second-hand store in our town. I've seen similar pieces in antique shops and on eBay, but they have always been priced too high for my cheap-skate budget.

Sarah had this lovely sewing caddy priced at $15 - just right for me! I cleaned it up a bit and Some Postman replaced a couple of missing screws. There was an instruction manual for a sewing machine inside one of the compartments, which I just sold on eBay for $10. After fees and shipping, that sale brought my net cost of the sewing caddy to $7.50!

Even though it was designed to hold sewing notions, I decided to use it to hold jewelry instead. I've got storage for notions, but didn't have anything for jewelry except a tiny little box Some Postman had given me years ago. I lined the compartments with patterned felt and filled it up with necklaces, bracelets, pins and big rings. Small rings and earrings stayed in the little jewelry box.

If thrifting is your thing, have you hunted any great bargains lately? Do you ever find little extras in pockets or drawers after you get home and really look over your items closer?


Mia said...

Oh, how neat! My mom had a sewing caddy like that when I was a kid; I remember it being filled with dozens of gorgeous shades of embroidery thread that I liked to pretend were treasure. What a great find.

I haven't been thrifting lately because I've been trying to save some money, but the other day I wore a really funny vintage silk scarf that I found about a year ago at a local antique store--it's a hand-drawn (and somewhat loosey-goosey) map of the American West from when Canada was still under British rule! It cracks me up every time.

Melissa G said...

Mia, your funny scarf sounds wonderful! I love unique pieces like that.