Monday, March 24, 2014

Rejoining the Land of the Living

At last, I am writing to you from the Land of the Living! My nose still requires boxes of tissue in every room, but other than that, that mean old cold virus has left the premises. Some Postman still has sneezing fits on occasion, poor thing, but a dose of antihistamine tames it down enough he can sleep at night. I do believe this is the first time in our nearly 25 years together that we came down with the same illness at the same time. Does this mean that we are truly "one flesh"?

To celebrate feeling more like ourselves, we went to the City on Saturday. There was an antique show at the Expo Center. Thankfully we printed off a B1G1F admission coupon; it was hardly worth paying $2.50 each, let alone the full five bucks. There wasn't much merchandise that either of us found interesting and it was overpriced. I did find a bracelet and a pin at one lady's $5 table. She was the only vendor with decent prices!

Since it took less than an hour to peruse the antique show twice, we headed out to our favorite antique stores. We browsed quickly through them, however, since it hadn't been too long since we'd last visited. We saw a lot of the same stuff. But there was a new-to-us shop to check out, and there we hit upon a treasure trove of Frankoma! I was trying to decide which piece I wanted to buy, but Some Postman told me to get ALL that I wanted! ALL! Oh my...he spoils me rotten!

Scarf - Walmart (I think?)
 Talbots cardigan - thrifted
Merona tee - Target
Ambar skirt - Target
Leggings - Walmart
St Johns Bay boots - JC Penney's

 Earrings - thrifted

Here are a few of the pieces of Frankoma that came home with me:

Medium Leaf Dish & 3 Minis

Two Shell Candy Dishes

Large Jardiniere

Ornament and Two Christmas "Cards"
My Frankoma collection is overflowing now; I have no idea how to cram more into the display areas! I told Some Postman he just needs to add on a room to the house. He's remodeling the thing anyway, what's one more room? Ah, but he would need a permit to add a room, and this "moron" house has no place left to add more on. (It's a "moron" house, because over the years, people just kept adding "more on".) And so, today, I decided to get rid of some other items collected over the years, to make room for the pieces I enjoy more. If you follow me on eBay, soon you'll see a bunch of Mary Kay coffee mugs for sale.

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