Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring is Almost Here

As I write this, I'm in the throes of a virus. It's not easy to think straight with my head all clogged up. According to the date on these photos, this is what I wore last Tuesday, eight days ago. I think Some Postman and I went to Town after he got home from work that day. Yeah, now it's coming back to me...we looked at bathtubs at Menard's and baby ducks and chicks at Orcheln's. We purchased none of either. A tub with the full jet/air massage package would cost over $2000, and I'm not feeling the need for more birds this spring. We'll make do with a regular kind of tub/shower and wait til next year on the babies.

It was a nice day, last Tuesday. These pics were taken out in the screened porch - without a jacket! (There's a brisk north wind trying to make my ears hurt even more today. Brr!)

 Elle top - thrifted
Roz & Ali jeans - Dressbarn
Ryka shoes - Zulily

 Earrings - thrifted

I like the details of this top, in addition to the floral print: lace insets, tiny pleats, tiny buttons. It's very flow-y and lightweight, perfect for a warm day.

I wore this same exact outfit one day on our trip to Seattle last month, except that I had to wear a coat over it because it was raining and sort of cold.


Mia said...

Haha, I'm wearing a shirt with pintucks today too! I never used to think much of it as an effect, but I like it now, and it looks really nice and feminine with your shirt! May your virus wane sooner rather than later and may a day like last Tuesday come again.

Melissa G said...

Thank you for your wishes - they came true today! My virus is nearly gone and today was a gorgeous first day of spring. Also, thank you for reminding me of the proper name for "tiny pleats" tucks. My brain has been SO fuzzy, I can barely remember who I am. Ha!