Monday, March 10, 2014

Winter Keeps Holding On

As I write this post, it's actually sunny with the mercury rising on its way to 75°....but last Sunday, when I wore this outfit, it was 5° with a wind chill of -20°. March is one of those months in which Kansas weather fluctuates like a moody teenager!

Christopher & Banks shirt - thrifted
BCBG (Nordstrom) skirt - eBay
Fleece Lined Leggings - NY Fashion Exchange
Ciao Bella boots - eBay

Button-front shirts do not fit me well. I'm narrow in the shoulders, short in the arms, short in the torso and poochy in the tummy, making it nearly impossible to find a shirt that fits. This one is rather boxy and too big, but I really like the print and the detail in the back. In warmer weather, I can roll the sleeves, which will help a bit in that aspect of fit. The rest of the shirt will just have to be too big.

Vintage pin - thrifted
The first time I wore this pin, the pink segment fell out! Some Postman glued it back in place with two-part epoxy, and it has stayed put ever since. That man can fix anything!

When I first began wearing these boots this winter, they felt entirely too stiff and I considered re-selling them on eBay. Despite the fact they are real leather, they aren't the best quality, at least in construction, in my opinion. They bulge out at the bottom of the zipper. But...I really like the color, and with my special inserts they do fit better. I have continued wearing them, hoping they'd lose that stiffness, and each time I wear them, they soften up just a pinch.  So they can stay!

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Mia said...

Button-fronts can be such a pain. If I didn't like the aesthetic so much, I wouldn't bother with them at all--that one's cute so I can see why you make it work!