Monday, April 7, 2014

Denim and Lace

Pairing denim and lace has always appealed to me, for some reason. Perhaps because of the rural area in which I live, coupled with a love of looking feminine. I now have two lace dresses in my closet, a pink one and this teal one. And there are several denim jackets in my wardrobe to wear over them. Add cowgirl boots, and the look is complete.

Xhileration dress - Target
Mossimo jacket - Target
Mossimo boots - Target

Hmm...I'm a walking Target advertisement! :D

Lip and eye color make a rare appearance.

 Necklace - self made

Ring - Avon? can't recall & can't read the eensy weensy print inside

Now, as for making more regular posts on this little old blog, I haven't come up with any great ideas, but I am determined to get my act together. Not only do I want to get properly dressed each day, I also want to post more in the kitchen, crafting and thrifting departments. Blogging about those things motivates me to DO those things! And I'm tired of just slogging thru my days, not really getting much of anything accomplished. So what if the weather is chilly and depressing? I need to get off my duff and DO SOMETHING FUN!!!

See y'all later! I'm going to put on my workout clothes and bust a move. Ka-pow!


Mia said...

That denim jacket is so cute on you! Lace dresses look so good with slightly tougher or more casual things. I hope your moves were sufficiently busted!

Melissa G said...

Thanks, Mia! And yes, my moves busted me...I'm still sore. Ow! LOL