Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: The Birds and The Bees

Yesterday was a very busy day, so I didn't get around to writing this outfit post. Instead, I spent my time putting more stuff away in my new laundry room / mud room cupboards. I haven't mentioned The House Project much here on the blog, although perhaps I should; it's so much a part of my life! Some Postman has been remodeling this Old Farm House for the past three years. He's such a perfectionist in all that he does, the house ought to last another hundred years when he's done with it!

Anyway...on to the birds and the bees!

It's been well documented that I have a thing for bird-themed clothing - shirts, a skirt, socks, jewelry. I also have a thing for bees. My adopted sisterfriend who lives in Michigan, also named Melissa, and I send each other bee items for our birthdays. Because "Melissa" means "honey bee". My vintage pin collection includes a couple of bees; I sent MI Melissa a large bee ring one year (wish there had been two so I could have a matching one!).

And so, with all the bird and bee activity on the farm lately, this outfit worn last week was thus inspired:

Mossimo top - Target
Yellow tank - JCP
Roz & Ali jeans - Dressbarn
Mossimo sneaks - Target
Earrings - gift
Socks - Target

The entire day, this song kept playing in my mind, until I finally had to look it up on You Tube.

My nod to Dean Martin, although in the video above, he is holding a cigarette instead of a drink, but a lot ot times he held both. (I don't smoke, and my drink of choice was tea.)

I'm glad I wore this top when I did, because it's almost too hot to wear it now. The window of opportunity for sheer tops like this is fairly small, because it needs to be just warm enough, and not too warm. There are about two weeks of weather like this in May in Kansas, and that's it until October.

 Bird earrings, bee top...

 And of course we needed some flowers for the birds and the bees...

And more birds! Hey, flamingos are birds...
just not ones you see in Kansas unless they are ornamenting a yard.

I found a great pair of bee socks at Target earlier this spring, but since they are knee highs, elected not to wear them with this outfit. Would have been too warm with jeans. If we get another cool day (wishful thinking?), I have another outfit in mind that could include those socks, which Some Postman dubbed "the bees knees socks".

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