Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunday Dress

 Alex Marie dress - thrifted
Scarf - gift from SIL
Merona heels - Target

While perusing my closet one day last week, I came across this dress and thought about purging it since I haven't worn it in a very long time. It's the dress I wore for my husband's twin brother's wedding more than two years ago; not sure it's been worn since. However, it seemed a good idea to get one more wearing out of it first, and so this is what I wore to church this Sunday. I'd forgotten just how well this dress fits and flows. At least three people commented how much they liked it. Well, I do believe I'd better keep this dress, after all! It is a good quality, has been altered to fit me well, and is fairly flattering to my figure. It stays!

As cute as these pumps are, they do not good walking shoes make, even with gel insoles and heel guards in place. After church, Some Postman and I walked around downtown, visiting various shops. My feet held out fairly well until my pinkie toes developed blisters. Perhaps wearing hose would have helped, but it was too warm for those things. For the three blocks walk back to the car, the shoes came off. Going barefoot on hot sidewalk was preferable to festering more blisters!

After I get my laundry hung out this morning, my plan is to soak my feet in a lavender bath while catching up on missed episodes of Call the Midwife. I've recently become interested in the curative powers of essential oils; my guide booklet recommends lavender oil for blisters. I put some directly on the blisters yesterday, and it did help. Soaking my feet should help soothe them even more.


Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style said...

Too bad those red shoes are not comfortable! They're cute, but comfort comes first. And what a lovely scarf for that dress! :)

Melissa G said...

These shoes are comfortable for church...just not for walking around downtown. At least not without tights or socks. That would make a big difference. I'll probably save them as cool weather shoes for that reason.