Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tiered Purple Dress

For crying in the mud, I am way behind on outfit posts! There is so much to do every day and time gets away from me. Blogging isn't top priority, so it gets put on the furthest back burner. It's something I still truly enjoy, however, so I'm trying really hard to make a teensy bit of time for it!

This is what I wore two Sundays ago, to church:

Studio M dress - eBay
Scarf - thrifted
Shoes - Dillard's

I bought this dress on eBay because it's tiered like my favorite red dress from Target (which is no longer available), except that it's tiered in the back as well as the front. It fits a bit more snugly than my red dress; would this be what they call "body con"? All I know is that I had to wear a firm foundation beneath it! The neckline is on the verge of being too low, certainly too low for going up to communion in church. (I really don't want to give the elders and Pastor a show they don't care to see.) The solution was this enormous pashmina scarf. 

This pashmina was new with tags, purchased for $1 at a yard sale two summers ago. I've not worn it very often because it is so huge and I don't know how to tie it nicely. There's a video floating around on Facebook that has helped some. I tried to tie it kind of like one of the styles the model shows. It's not quite right, but close enough. It certainly covered my neckline well, and after church was over, I untied it to wrap around my shoulders because a cold front had moved in.

Well, I'd forgotten all about that cold front....that was a nice cool week...

It's back to normal weather now, warm and humid. But that's another story....


lantabmom said...

I love the dress on you and the scarf goes very well!

Mia said...

Bodycon or no, that dress looks amazing on you! It reminds me of Laverne Cox's Time cover dress, which is a v. good thing:

Also, that pashmina is cute as heck. I'm glad you're still making time to blog!

Melissa G said...

My dress is similar to that one! Thankfully not so tight, tho. LOL