Monday, July 14, 2014

Bringing Back a Sleeper

This dress/skirt has been sleeping in the back of my closet for a couple of years. It almost went to the "donate" sack, but ultimately, I simply couldn't let it go. After all, I'd only worn it a couple of times. Rather than lose it, I decided to use it!

It can be worn either as a sundress or as a maxi skirt. I like the versatility of it, but so far it's only been a dress for me. Here is how I wore it to church two weeks ago:

 Sundress - CATO
Liz Claiborne sweater - thrifted
Born sandals - thrifted

 Earrings - gift

As it turned out, the sweater was a bit too warm to wear except in the air conditioned sanctuary. Not having sleeves kind of makes me nervous, however, so I kept it on until we got out to the car. Come to find out, going sleeveless isn't that horrible, as long as the dress or top is the correct style. Stay tuned to find out what has made me lose my fear of going sleeveless...

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