Friday, July 4, 2014

My Founding Father

Here it is, July 4th, and I'm finally getting around to posting about Father's Day. This little old blog, while I love it, has been taking a back seat to the many other things that need to be done this summer. I have been taking pics now and then, however, so on the off chance I get inspired to write, please check in once in a while to see what's new around here.

The Sunday after Father's Day, my sister, Salt City Hausfrau, and I took our Daddy out for dinner as our gift to him. We met at the "old home place", where he showed us some of the things he'd brought home from a recent clean-out of our Grandpa's den. B inherited some lovely old cameras and I was given the one thing I never thought I'd see Grandpa's giant ring of keys! One of my earliest memories of Grandpa is of him coming home for lunch, wearing his work clothes and a huge ring of keys at his waist that jangled as he walked. I knew the keys had to be left behind when he retired, so I was quite surprised when Dad handed me a leather fob with a hundred keys on it! My uncle had found the old fob and fashioned a ring for it and supplied the keys out of his own stash. It is a treasure to me!

After we set aside the rest of the things to look at later when sister L can chose her treasures, B and I took Dad out for a late lunch at Cracker Barrel. I was pleasantly surprised that they have a great selection of menu items for vegetarians. After we enjoyed a very tasty meal, the three of us meandered around the store for a while, looking at the old fashioned candies, games, funny coffee mugs, shirts, gift items, and home decor for sale. Dad made a silly pose for us...which we loved!

If you've ever been to Cracker Barrel, you know that they keep a bunch of old fashioned wooden rocking chairs on their front porch for patrons to sit and enjoy or to purchase. We took advantage of the rockers for some extended Daddy-daughters time. A very nice lady snapped our picture for us.

Shortly after this photo, we noticed a shift in the wind, with the scent of rain carried on it. In a matter of minutes, it began to rain. And boy, did it come down! The temperature dropped considerably, making B and I glad we'd chosen to wear maxi dresses. Even so, we were chilled, so B went inside to get us some coffee. Oh, how nice that was, rocking on the porch with our dad, sipping coffee while watching the rain pour down!

And now for the Hausfraus' outfits...we didn't coordinate our clothing ahead of time (although we do that sometimes), but it turned out that we wore the same dress in different patterns! Both of our dresses are Faded Glory from Wal-Mart.

We even wore the same style of sandals in black. We are SO in tune, despite the fact we live two hours from one another!

Dad wore his black shoes, too.   :)

Individual details...

 Faded Glory maxi dress - Walmart
Shrug - Dressbarn

 Artisan bracelet - antique fair

 Born BOC sandals - Vanderbuilt's

 Faded Glory maxi dress - Walmart


Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, I love this post! It might be my favorite yet. First, because it's about your dad (and grandpa, too). The picture of him with that thing - what on earth was that? - is so funny, but the shoe picture is hysterical. What a good sport he must be.
Then I have to tell you that I have the exact same shrug - only in black. Hehehe - sort of exact same, right? When we were in WI, I bought it to go with a strapless maxi dress from Walmart that I wore to my step-son's wedding. So, you are a little bit in tune with your far away friend in VA.

lantabmom said...

I love this blog too, all the photos are awesome. Wish I could have participated in the father/daughter lunch, although that would have been a long commute. Love the dresses, shoes and that shrug!