Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Dress That Changed My Mind's been a while since I've set aside time for this little old blog. So long, in fact, I had to look at my Blog Photos folder to figure out which post I'd be writing today. You see, I plot these posts in my mind as I go about daily life. I get an idea or wear an outfit I particularly like, take photos and sometimes even edit the pictures within a day or two. Actually executing the writing of the posts is what I procrastinate, mainly because that's the part that takes the most time.

Time....making wise use of my time is something I am continually working on. Those days when I have less energy are especially difficult. All I want to do is sit and do nothing. It's all I can do just to get dishes washed and laundry done. But there are so many things I really WANT to do! Making time for everything overwhelms me.

But that's not what this post was supposed to be about. This is a fashion post, and a rather monumental one, so let's make good use of the few minutes I've got to write about it!

When I saw this dress at Goodwill, the first thing I noticed was the polka dots. Cute. Then the color of the price tag. Half-price color. Cool! Pulled the dress off the rack. Ohhh....good quality fabric, nice drape. Looks clingy. And it's sleeveless. My fat arms require sleeves. Well, I'll try it on. Might be good for a chuckle.

It was one of the last things I tried on that day. Dresses are always last, because they require the removal of ALL outer clothing. As I buttoned the back of the dress and turned toward the mirror, I gasped. Surely this dress doesn't look THAT good on me, does it? How could it? It's a clingy fabric! However, the weight of it caused it to flow perfectly over my lumpy bumps. And somehow, the shape of the dress and the high neckline made the sleeveless-ness work. My arms are still fat, but this dress works some kind of magic and you don't notice that fact quite so much. The final selling point was that the length was perfect and would not require hemming up. Sold! For $3.50 - woohoo!

 Coldwater Creek dress - thrifted

Since this dress is a statement in itself, I tried not to add too many accessories, keeping the jewelry and shoes simple. The handbag is simple as well, in design if not in color. Every outfit needs a pop of color in the summer time, don't you think? I bought this cute little vintage "pocketbook" at my friend Pam's yard sale. It doesn't hold a lot, but it's not an everyday kind of purse, so that's OK.

 Vintage handbag - thrifted
Born BOC sandals - Vanderbuilt's

Bracelet - Walmart
Earrings - thrifted

The style, fabric and fit of this Coldwater Creek dress is what changed my mind about going sleeveless. Apparently, not all sleeveless tops/dresses are created equally. Even chubby arms can look good in the right one! Also, those 5 gallon buckets of water I've been hefting all summer have helped firm up my flabby arms just a bit. 

I really, really like this dress. A lot! It's great on its own in summer, although the forecast can't be the usual 95° with 65% humidity like we usually have this time of year. It is black, after all, and the fabric is rather heavy. I'm thinking it will be nice for layering in the winter, too. Such a great buy - I just love Goodwill!


Grammy Goodwill said...

You look fantastic! I love the color of the purse with it, too, and the bracelet. Wow. That was definitely a win for you.

lantabmom said...

Love this dress on you!!