Monday, August 18, 2014

I Need Routine!

The kids are back to school! Well, not my kids, because they are all grown up now, but kids in general are back to school. In a way, I rather miss that time in my life, when my kids were young and going to school. Each August, we would all be back in a routine. Ever since my younger child graduated high school, I've been without an enforced routine.

Granted, I do have my own routine, but it tends to be very, very relaxed. There are certain things that must be done daily or regularly, but a lot of it can be done whenever. Those are the things that get pushed aside and not done, sadly. Oh, I need to get back to a routine!

One of the things that has suffered this summer is my blog. I just have not set aside time for it as I would have liked. Yes, I've been busy with other things, but a good portion of the reason I haven't posted as often is due to the fact that summer time fashion is mostly out the window here in Kansas. It's too hot for makeup, too hot for layers, too hot for jewelry or scarves, too hot for anything that shows one has a figure at all...and it's been a relatively mild summer for us this time around! The only time I truly care about my appearance is Sunday morning, so that is why the only fashion posts I've been doing have been church outfits. Daily outfits are just boring, trust me.

My idea of doing apron and recipes posts has been a fun one for me, and I still have one of those in the draft folder to finish. I've got another idea for non-fashion posts, but will save that for a few more weeks yet. Oh, for fall to arrive! Surely my enthusiasm for everything beyond poking my head in the freezer will be back once we reach late September.

It's still roasty toasty for now, however, so here's another Sunday morning outfit:

 Studio 1 sundress - thrifted
Style & Co cardigan - thrifted
Fila cross trainers - eBay

I wanted to get the fog in the background of these outfit pics, but by the time I was finished getting ready for church, most of the fog had already burned off. It's typical for us to have low-lying fog in the mornings in August, from the humidity and somewhat lower overnight temps. I love how the fog looks skimming over the soybean field. Hopefully I can get out in time to get a decent photo of it soon.

Yes, there is a reason I'm wearing my workout shoes with my church clothes. Yesterday was Rally Day at church - the day we kick off the new Sunday School year. This year's theme is "Cross Training", and so everyone was encouraged to wear athletic shoes with their Sunday attire. Even Pastor wore his running shoes! 

Necklace - thrifted

I ended up wearing this dress all day yesterday, although without the cardigan once church was over. It is very comfortable, being 100% cotton (even the lining!), and fits really well, which is unusual in a sundress for me. This one didn't need to be altered at all! I think that's due to it being an empire waist style - since the hip area is full, the only measurement I needed to consider was the bust. The dress is a size smaller than I would normally chose, but fits perfectly since my top half is smaller in proportion to my lower half. Hmmm...perhaps I need to look for more empire waist dresses...

One thing I came to discover this summer is that polyester is NOT a good fabric for me anymore. Not even if it's partially blended with cotton. My body is going through some hormonal shifts, and requires cool, breathable fabrics. I've got a sack full of shirts and dresses that are cute and fit well, but make me sweat like a lumberjack; off to Goodwill they will go! 

Coming back 'round to the subject of routines....I am really hoping that after Labor Day I'll have a better grasp of a regular routine for myself. I've gotten off track over the summer, in some ways, but will be working this week on some ideas to keep myself on a better routine, with better discipline. No more excuses! 


Grammy Goodwill said...

You look beautiful in this. I really like the dress and necklace. I must admit I wondered about the sneakers. (Great idea, by the way.)

lantabmom said...

I love the dress, the color is great. I have a couple of those type and love the fit, I just need to find more shrugs to go with them. I am also ready to get a better routine figured out for myself.