Monday, September 22, 2014

The Best Laid Plans....

Last Friday, after I declared my goal of writing three times per week, beginning with this week, Some Postman came home from delivering the mail and told me that he would be taking the week off in order to replace the roof. My job is to assist him in whatever capacity I am able, mostly handing him shingles, trimming them to fit (tin snips are similar to dressmaker's shears, but quite a lot bigger for my wee paws to manage!), fetching the tape measure after it slides off the roof, etc. Since I will be up on the house top much of the time, I have set aside my blogging goals until next week. Any time I have free from my roofing obligations will be spent in the kitchen, preparing food we can simply reheat for meals. (That is exactly what I'm doing right now, while Some Postman is up above, removing shingles.)

We finished up the south side of the steepest peak this morning. Looks good, doesn't it? The rest of the roof won't be as difficult, so it should go a little faster. We are hoping and praying that it won't rain this week!

If it works out, I'll compose some outfit posts this week, but I don't anticipate having the time or energy for it. Back to the kitchen for me now - the eggs are about done boiling, and the quinoa is ready. Laters!


Grammy Goodwill said...

What a job for the two of you. I am so impressed.

lantabmom said...

Good luck with the roof replacement, so happy the weather is comfortable for the most part. Hope the rain holds off too.