Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Rather Boring Sunday Morning Outfit

This dress has been lurking in my closet for several years, so I figured it was time to "use it or lose it". Wearing it to church one Sunday a few weeks ago, I discovered that I really don't like the dress anymore. It fits well enough, and the shape is okay...I think it's the pattern and colors that make me yawn. Honestly, looking in the mirror and at the photos of this outfit bores me. Ho-hum. Yawn! Snore....

Outfit details: Chaps dress ~ Kohl's; Be Comfortable by Blondo shoes ~ eBay; monogram necklace ~ gift from Salt City Hausfrau.

The main reason I'm posting this snooze-fest of an outfit is because of the necklace that my sister gave me. Also, because these are the first photos of my fall hair cut and color, although it had already faded a bit by then. The auburn didn't stick around very long. Next time I'll use a permanent color instead of the wash-out kind.

I almost fell asleep while wearing this dress, but before it could cast its Sleeping Beauty spell upon me, I added it to the sack of things destined for Goodwill. Farewell, drowsy dress! Perhaps another lady will find you appealing.

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I noticed the necklace right off. I really like it. Have you ever tried a crewneck sweater over the dress? I did that once with a jumper I was tired of. It gave me the look of a skirt.
I really really like your hair.