Thursday, October 23, 2014

An Everyday Hausfrau Outfit

This outfit was worn a couple of weeks ago on an ordinary average day at the farm. I don't remember exactly what I did while wearing it, but I'm sure it included chores, poking around in the garden a bit, puttering in the kitchen, and printing up my notes for the church ladies' meeting that night. I'm positive I did NOT do any laundry while wearing this outfit, because my washer has been on the fritz for more than two weeks now. Some Postman has been on the phone with Maytag every other day, trying to convince them that the warranty on our washer does indeed include the transmission. It says so in the owner's manual! He finally connected with someone willing to honor the warranty, and so I'm headed to the library today to send them a fax of the page in the manual that proves the point.

Oops...I chased a rabbit. Sorry!

Here's the outfit:

Outfit details: Dressbarn top - thrifted; jeans - I don't remember which pair of jeans I wore that day! I'm sure they were thrifted, as are 98% of my jeans.

Can you see the details of this top a little better here? It has kind of criss-crossed rouching in the bust area and drapes gracefully down from there. Very comfortable and pretty!

I did not notice while taking these photos that the hem of one sleeve was turned up. The main purpose in sharing the above photo is because it was the only shot in which the earrings weren't blurry. They are very swingy! I'm pretty sure I picked them up at a yard sale. Our local thrift stores have very little jewelry for sale. I heard once that any jewelry donated to our Goodwill store in Manhattan gets sent on to Kansas City because they can get more money out of it there. That kind of chaps my hide, but what can I do about it? Two things:  don't donate any of my own jewelry to Goodwill and buy jewelry at yard sales.

So, you know me and my love of Fun Socks! Aren't these AMAZING???!!! They are called "I've Tread Them All" socks; you can buy them on Modcloth, who offers so many adorable Fun Socks, I have to force myself not to put a boat load of them into my shopping cart. The shoes are Merrels, thrifted at Goodwill. Can't get jewelry there, but I sure do have the best luck with shoes.

Finally, these are my new glasses. Seeing the eye doctor was long overdue; the little card they gave me the last time told me to come again in 2009. While my vision is pretty good, I had begun to notice a need for holding books away from my face in order to read, even while wearing my old glasses. What a difference these new ones make! I can even thread a needle on the first try again! I decided to go with plastic frames this time, because the nose pads on my old metal frames made dents in my nose. Sometimes they even made it hard for me to breathe. As it turns out, my nose is rather broad, making it a challenge to find a pair of plastic frames that fit well. These fit nicely, and they were marked down in price, happily. Good thing, because our insurance doesn't cover much when it comes to eyewear.

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lantabmom said...

I like your glasses! And love those kind of tops, has some character but very comfy and flattering.