Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Nothing Spectacular...Just An Everyday Outfit

I am having a difficult time getting back into the swing of things. My body is still complaining loudly about the rigors I put it through while up on the roof, and most days just getting chores done is enough of a challenge. I still feel like I'm about a week short on sleep, but if I try to nap, sleep eludes me. Next week, hopefully, will be back to normal...right?

This outfit isn't anything to jump up and down about, and it was worn on a day going grocery shopping pre-roofing. Aside from socks and earrings, everything else was thrifted. I've had such a good run on shoes at Goodwill the past several months. Someone who wears my size buys quality shoes and hardly wears them before she donates them. Lucky me!

These Born moccasins, a wonderful half-price find at Goodwill, replace the Born mocs I bought on eBay a couple of years ago. They are so very comfortable, I'm sure these will be equally shot in two years!

My hair suffered some damage while I worked outdoors, but after fresh color and a trim, it's looking much better. Hopefully I will get some photos taken before the color fades. (I used a wash-out color this time.) I do quite like the way it turned out, though, so maybe I will use a permanent shade to keep my hair auburn throughout the fall.

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lantabmom said...

This is my kind of outfit! I have gotten into a rut of wearing comfy shorts/pants and raggedy t-shirts on a daily basis, just a way to save my nicer clothes from snot and slobber, but I never wanted to get in a habit like I have. A polo shirt and jeans is a much nicer option, yet still comfortable.