Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Some Vacation That Was!

Last week, Some Postman took a vacation from delivering the mail in order to put a new roof on our house. Our son and I helped; we all put in many hours of hard labor on top of the house! It took longer than we'd anticipated, of course, this being a Moron House (you know...they kept adding "more on"...and sometimes not very well). We removed three layers of shingles from more than half the roof, including the original wood shingles from 1917 on the two peaks! The peaks, being so old, needed sheathing (OSB particle board), since they didn't build roofs like that nearly a hundred years ago. The living room roof had square nails! (The living room was a pre-1900 house that was added on sometime in the 1930s, at our best estimate.)

Removing old shingles

Original wood shingles!

This short chunky girl is not accustomed to hard labor! Some days I put in 12 hour shifts, yanking out shingles (those old ones were crumbly! yuck!), pulling nails, dumping the wheel barrow, pounding down small nails. Those were "deconstruction days". On Tuesday last week, we had the east side completely stripped down to the sheathing - and it began to rain. Hard. Some Postman and Hungry Bird lay down tarps as quickly as possible, but the rain made its way into the house anyway. My sewing room and the office room had streams flowing from the ceiling and walls. Thankfully, I had several empty tote boxes to put under the leaks, and a box full of rags for mopping the walls. What a mess!

Once we got to "construction days", my job was primarily to cut shingles to the correct length for the starting sides as well as row ends. Tin snips are not easy for me to handle! They are like enormous dressmaker's shears, but made for men's hands. I found it simpler, albeit just as painful, to use a heavy-duty box cutter. My hands are very, very achy now, and my right hand won't even close around my toothbrush or a pen. When Hungry Bird wasn't there, I also handed the new shingles to Some Postman so he could nail them in place. Those suckers are heavy!

Front of house

Back of house

It took a solid nine days of working dawn to dusk (or beyond), but we got 'er done! I think we need a REAL vacation now!


Mia said...

Dang, that looks like harder work than I've ever put into anything in my life. The results look amazing, and I'm super impressed that you did this yourselves. Applause for you!

Melissa G said...

Thanks, Mia! It was indeed hard work. I've got a healthy respect for those who do this kind of work for a living!