Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Visit to my Momma

Last Thursday, I spent the day with my Momma. She had surgery a few weeks ago, and stayed with Salt City Hausfrau for two weeks or so afterward, since that made less traveling for Momma. Dad brought her home a week ago, and I wanted to be with Mom for her first full day home. Somebody needed to be there to make sure she didn't try to do too much while Dad was at work!

We had a great visit - or rather, a "gab-fest", as Some Postman puts it. Ha ha! It was a time of sharing, and I treasured the chance to have quality time with my mother. We talked about everything under the sun! Mom lay down for a nap in the afternoon, but she kept talking away. An hour later, the phone rang, and I used that as my opportunity to tell the caller Mom was sleeping - and then told her to make it true! While Momma napped, I made chicken noodle soup for her and Dad's supper. Chicken noodle soup has curative powers, you know!

Outfit details: Mossimo sweater ~ Target; white tee ~ Walmart; Loft jeans ~ thrifted; Ryka shoes ~; earrings ~ Avon (old).

This is my new favorite headband, made by Scunci. It's a no slip grip flexible headband made of some kind of rubbery bendable material that bends and conforms to the shape of your head. It's really comfy, doesn't poke my head behind my ears, and stays on all day. I bought it at the local Walmart, and hoped to include a link so you all could check it out yourselves...but I could not find it online anywhere! Not even on the scunci website! Next time I visit Walmart, I plan to buy another one. If these things are so rare, I'd better get a backup in case the one I have breaks or gets lost.

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I love that shirt. Special times with your mom are priceless.