Monday, November 10, 2014

Black and Blue

Last Friday, I went to town to get a few groceries. Normally I shop earlier in the week, but I hadn't gone since early in the prior week, and we were completely out of orange juice. Some Postman needs his morning OJ! Also, I had a Groupon deal about to expire, as well as a coupon for free undies at Victoria's Secret and a $10 off $10 purchase coupon for JC Penney. (I got to the mall and realized I'd forgotten the JCP coupon. Drat!) Shopping is a sport, as we all know, so it is important to wear comfortable and functional clothing. This outfit fit the bill:

Outfit details: Mossimo flannel shirt ~ Target; tee ~ JCP; Sonoma jeans ~ thrifted; Mossimo boots ~ Target; necklace ~ gift; earrings ~ thrifted.

I've had a thing for plaid flannel shirts for a long, LONG time. They are comfortable, warm, cozy, and hard working. I wear them at home relaxing, out shopping, on dates with my husband, while doing chores and have even worn them to church. Finding a flannel shirt with a good fit has not been easy, however. The ones I like best are these Mossimo shirts from Target. They are found in the Junior department, which means they fit my narrow shoulders well. I've found that getting the largest size available (XXL) is a good idea, because flannel shrinks. If it fits in the store, it's not gonna fit after it's been washed.

Most women I know say they can never find second-hand jeans that fit well. My experience is the opposite! The best-fitting, most comfortable jeans I own have been picked up at yard sales for a buck or two, without even being able to try them on. I have no idea how this works, but it does. The few jeans I've purchased new in a store fit OK (or else I wouldn't buy them) but they aren't nearly as comfortable. So, since merely holding up a pair of somebody's unwanted jeans to see if the side seams hit in about the right spot works...why do anything differently?

These Mossimo ankle boots continue to amaze me. I'd purchased them late in the spring a couple of years ago, deeply clearanced, and then tucked them in the back of my closet. When I switched out my wardrobe the following autumn, I opened the box and wrinkled my nose. Why on earth had I bought those ugly things? They went into the pile to be sold on eBay...but when it came time to actually do that, I changed my mind. And I'm glad I did! These boots have proven to be comfortable and compliment much of my everyday wardrobe.

Finally, you may have noticed that I got my hair cut. I'd been growing it out, hoping to be able to wear it down to my shoulders. Thursday morning, I could not tolerate the weird split in the back and the puff balls over my ears any longer! Luckily, I was able to get in at the salon that afternoon, and the girl who was available did a great job fixing my problem hair. She's actually fixed my hair once before, maybe a year ago. Why did I not continue going to her? Well....for the past 18 years, I've gotten my hair cut by a sweet, lovely lady who runs a shop in her home, and it feels disloyal to go anywhere else. The only reason I've gone elsewhere the few times I have is because she couldn't fit me into the schedule right away. I love her to pieces, but I find that I really like the way this other girl cut my hair better. I'm torn! Do I remain loyal to my long time friend and hairdresser - or do I go to the young lady that cuts my hair in a way that works with its quirks? Guess I have about six weeks to figure it out....


Grammy Goodwill said...

I understand about the haircut. I've gone to the same woman for 8 years, since we moved here. But now she's 40 minutes away. I've been back once, but last week I went to a student at a beauty school that is 3 minutes from my house. She did an excellent job and was $10 cheaper. I'm changing.

lantabmom said...

I love your haircut! I say switch. And I really love your boots, that's my style too.