Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Black, White and Orange

Only in October do I feel that I can get away with wearing orange and black together. Any other time, it seems out of place...too Halloween-y. And so one Sunday in late October, that is exactly what I wore: black and orange, with a touch of white.

Outfit details: Retrolicious "Houndslueth" dress ~ Modcloth; Mossimo sweater ~ Target; L.E.I. booties ~ Walmart; necklace ~ gift from my Mom.

Some Postman made me laugh!

I tried to do a little twirl to show how full the skirt is.

This dress is so much fun to wear! From a distance, it looks like a regular houndstooth pattern, but get a little closer, and you notice that it's adorable Dachshunds instead. And I'm a sucker for anything Dachshund printed or shaped. I should have had Etta Pooka, my real live Dachshund, pose with me for these photos. She was most likely snug in her puppy bed, getting in a morning nap after breakfast. It takes a lot of naps to be a cute Dachshund!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I love this outfit. When I looked at your necklace, I was like, wait, are those dachshunds on the dress? Then I had to look several times to be sure. Perfect for you.