Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cashmere Season

Winter has arrived ahead of schedule here in the Flint Hills, as it has across much of the country. Ten days ago, I was scurrying around outdoors in jeans and a t-shirt, preparing the animals and yard for the coming frigid temps. The very next day, the icy north wind required much bundling and layers. And it's been that way ever since...

Enter cashmere sweaters. So warm and cozy! I purchased a couple of them over the summer on eBay, in anticipation of cold weather like we're having now. This particular sweater is really too large for me (one of the hazards of buying clothing online is the inability to try it on before purchasing). I'm sure that I could alter it under the arms to fit better in that location, but the sleeves would still be far too long and so would the body of the sweater. Instead, I am trying various ways to wear the sweater as it is. I'm considering washing it in hot water to see if it will shrink a bit, but I'm kind of nervous about doing that. If it shrinks too much, it will be unwearable.

Outfit details: Marshall Field's cashmere cardigan ~ eBay; Merona t-shirt ~ Target; Apt 9 skirt ~ thrifted; Nurture shoes ~ thrifted; necklace ~ thrifted; earrings ~ gift from Salt City Hausfrau.

For some reason, this new haircut makes me want to wear lip color. I have no idea why! I'm not overly fond of lipstick, either. It makes my lips feel...goopy. My dear friend MA gave me some Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing lip stain for my birthday a while back, and I really like how it wears. It doesn't get on my teeth, and it feels more like lip balm. It's pretty long lasting, too, although it does wear off some if I'm sipping a cuppa tea. And it leaves lip prints on my grandson's forehead when I give him a smooch!

Why on earth someone donated these wonderful shoes to Goodwill, I'll never know, but I'm certainly glad she did! They are very comfortable and have the arch support my problem feet require.

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