Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cashmere Sweater, Take 2

My berry colored cashmere cardigan made another appearance later in the week after its first wearing. I wore it a bit differently this time, still trying to disguise the fact it's a tad too big. It worked pretty well, don't you think?

Outfit details: Marshall Fields cashmere cardigan ~ eBay; Maurice's skirt ~ thrifted; hat ~ Walmart; scarf ~ Amazon; flannel lined leggings ~ Amazon; Unlisted boots ~ thrifted; earrings ~ Apparent Project. 

This time, I wore the cardigan buttoned all the way, so it was more like a pullover, then tucked up the hem until it was the length I wanted. Surprisingly, it stayed tucked up like that all day with only minimal adjusting.

The hat was only worn for the outfit photos, although not on purpose. I really did intend to wear it as I went grocery shopping, but completely forgot to put it back on my head after whatever it was that caused me to take it off. You can kind of see in the close up above that I was wearing a ruffle collared shirt under the sweater. I've had that shirt for ages and ages; it comes in quite handy as a layering piece.

This post is the only time you'll be seeing these boots. I picked them up over the summer at a yard sale for a buck. They are indeed cute, and they fit extremely well, what with the elastic back. Sadly, they are not warm at all, and even with my insoles, they weren't very comfortable after a couple of hours. My friend U is collecting boots, coats, hats and gloves for a local church's give away program...I will donate these boots, but I'd better add a pair of thick socks to go with them. The boots are certainly better than going barefoot, but they are decidedly NOT warm.

I've got one more idea in mind for a way to wear the cashmere sweater as it is, and then I'll decide if alterations are in order. Stay tuned....


Melinda Gier said...

Is that a weiner dog scarf???? I love it! And I wish we wore the same size in shoes because I like those boots.

Melissa G said...

Yes, indeed, it IS a wiener dog scarf! :D The boots are size 7, so they would be too small for you, sorry, kiddo!