Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Musings

Some Postman had the day off yesterday, so rather than sit at my computer writing, I spent the day hanging out with him. We took down the Christmas decorations, napped, and marathon-watched The Cafe on PBS. It was a very relaxing, enjoyable day.

And so this morning, as I pushed the vacuum cleaner around the house, sucking up fake tree needles (we don't do real trees due to the fire hazard when we have the wood stove running), my thoughts turned to this blog and what goals I might implement for it. I contemplated the purpose of this blog, how it has evolved, and what I hope to achieve with it.

First of all, this blog's purpose:  From the beginning, it was meant to help me find my fashion style. I had fallen into the bad habit of wearing primarily sweats and baggy shirts - comfortable, but not flattering, nor did it show any care for myself or reflect well on my loved ones. I sampled a few trends, tried some fun but completely ridiculous outfits, and stepped outside my comfort zone a couple of times. Over time, I have come to find that my fashion style is mostly classic and simple, with a bit of eclectic tossed in.

The evolution of Flint Hills Hausfrau:  While fashion posts dominate, my writing interests have come to include food/recipes, thrifting adventures, a few crafty projects, a bit about family, and a few other topics. The blog has undergone a name change once, from "The Frumpy Hausfrau" to "Flint Hills Hausfrau", to reflect a desire to improve my self image. I'm contemplating yet another name change.

That leads me to what I hope to achieve with this blog:  My motivation for blogging has never been fame or fortune, nor have I sought to gain a large readership. I'm thrilled to gain a new reader, don't get me wrong! I'll never turn away a new friend. But I don't need or desire thousands of readers. Nor am I seeking to use the blog to earn money. My motivation for keeping this blog going is for me to have a creative outlet. A friend once told me that she believes that being creative is essential to a woman's good health. I've found that to be quite true. Whether it is writing here, or baking in my kitchen, or sewing up a seam, doing something creative keeps me feeling positive and productive.

As for the name change, I'll be honest and admit that I've never really loved the current name for my blog. It was the best I could come up with at the time, because I didn't want to change it too much. For the past several months, I've felt a pull to rename the blog to reflect my desire to keep life simple and enjoy creativity. Actually, I considered quitting this blog and going back to the other blog I started more than four years ago, one in which I wrote more personal thoughts and on subjects that brought me joy. Now that I've pretty much figured out a clothing style that suits me, I find myself not wanting to do outfit posts very often anymore. However, after hearing from a couple of friends who said they enjoy this blog and wouldn't like to see it go away, I began thinking instead of combining the two blogs. And so I believe that is what I shall do. The new name will be revealed soon!